From a Food Truck to a Food Joint

LA pioneered the food truck movement in 2008. It quickly caught on. It allowed chefs and food creatives to conceptualize their ideas and make them a reality. Some of them were successful and some were not. STUFFED! is one that came to stay – from a food truck to a food joint!


Over 3 years ago,  Alex Gould, had a mouth watering idea of an elevated burger stuffed with cheese, and he nailed it! His food truck was something to talk about since day one. Foodies noticed. He was considered one of the best food trucks in town by many, including  Jennifer Lee, as she mentions in her article The Best 4 Food Trucks in San Diego.  Lee coments: “Popular local favorite and a great choice when you’re ravenous. Their gourmet burger offerings include the BOOM! Burger topped with mac ‘n’ cheese, American cheese, peppered smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles and STUFFED! sauce. You can also get a dose of nostalgia here with their tater tots. To finish off your meal, try their deep-fried Oreos.”


The traditional, non-traditional comic-inspired gourmet burgers are now here to stay. Last spring, Liberty Public Market, at Liberty Station opened its doors, featuring amazing local food including STUFFED!. You can go there any day of the week and try their new breakfast menu, or any of their organic stuffed burgers. Some other items they offer are: spicy fried chicken sandwiches, seared ahi sandwiches, buffalo portobello sandwiches and mac n’ cheese. Yum!



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